Only ayahuasca ceremony

This retreat has been specially created for people who do not have time to go into a deep retreat or are only interested in taking one ayahuasca, for which they will have to come fasting (only drink water the day of the ceremony) our team will guide you through this experience , our job will be to prepare you with extensive explanations about the process of the ceremony, the effects, how to deal or face the different stages and types of visions within the world of Ayahuasca so that you can find clarity more easily.

Thanks to the years of experience working with the "Ayahuasca doctor (muraya)" we have realized that meditation is very important, in this retreat we are going to do different types of meditations to help find your true intentions, lose the fear of exploring new spaces and we are going to do a deep exploration in you (present, past, childhood, ancestors, dreams and even your fears.) In this retreat you will be able to end your personal limitations established within daily life. We invite you to trust in this traditional retreat of the shamanic healing ceremony, the evolution of consciousness and the encounter with the healing light in the sacred valley of "Cusco - ollantaytambo".



4:00 PM

We will meet at ollantaytambo main squere and then go to our retirement home where you will meet the entire group, "Luz de Luz" who will be there to help you during your stay with us.

5:00 PM

The Ayahuasca shaman master will give us an introduction and explain the purpose of the ceremony. This is followed by personal interviews. Later we will give more suggestions and advice about the ceremonies, meditation and relaxation time before the ceremony in the night.

7:00 PM

Ayahuasca ceremony


8:00 AM


9:00 AM

Individual conversations with the Shaman, we will share experiences.

11:00 AM

Return to ollantaytambo.


01 Ayahuasca Ceremony with personalized shamanic healing; The Shaman will sing special Icaros songs according to the personal needs of each one.
01 nurse accompanying the entire ceremony.
01 offering to mother earth.
01 vomiting ceremony.
Accommodation, one night in the healing center.
Guaranteed quality Ayahuasca brew (only Ayahuasca + Chakruna).
Icaro Arkano for protection: At the beginning and end of each Ayahuasca ceremony, the master will sing an Icaro (a song) for protection.
Personal consultation with the shaman: You will have the opportunity to discuss the experience with the shaman before and after the ceremony.
Walk in the mystical landscape in the Inca terraces of Muñaypata and its nearby temples.
Meditation on intentions and permission.
The company of a spiritual guide, translator (Spanish / Quechua / English) Specially trained by shamans.
Tips and suggestions for the ceremony.
Dialogues on shamanism and personal transformation.
Transporte desde y hacia nuestro centro.
Meals that meet the requirements of the Diets for the ceremony.


Comfortable clothes
pocket toilet paper
A bottle of water
Warm clothes
Additional underwear.
Hand luggage

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Only Ayahuasca Ceremony (one person)

Costo de de la reserva $30

Only Ayahuasca Ceremony (In a group)

Costo de la reserva $30 por persona

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