Our Temple

Luz de Luz

It is a Center in which we work with ayahuasca medicine in the sacred valley of Cusco. Founded and directed by two friends. Hanan and Javier, who preserve and practice the sacred wisdom inherited from the time of the Incas, together with a team of shamans, Muraya doctors and spiritual guides specially trained in the use of entheogenic holistic medicine. Who upon knowing the lack of light, health and clarity in the world, assumed the mission of sharing medicine and helping people. Our retreat center was created with the purpose of healing on a spiritual, mental and physical level, reconnecting with nature, with our true being and energy management through the use of Ayahuasca, San Pedro, plant diets and another practices. following a set of techniques obtained thanks to years of preparation and experience, with very beneficial results, not only taking care of the integrity of the patients but also the well-being of the medicine masters (Shamans). Our mission is guaranteed with the commitment to help all beings who need it by providing free treatment to a low-income person for every 5 paid withdrawals we have.


The mission of Light of Light healing center is to share our spiritual knowledge and offer deep healing to the people who are called to it. Located on sacred Incan land, we reactive its true purpose. Through traditional medicine and moral and altruistic principles we prepare the people to live in this new age of the light.

Nuestra VISIón

Our vision is to infuse the spirit of this land into the medicinal plants and healings. Our temple holds a sacred and pure energy since it is located next to the sacred mountain of Pinkulluna and the Patacancha river.

Our staff

Javier Eduardo Cruz Bejar


born: Ollantaytambo - Cusco Native Nation : Quechua

Javier is a cultural and spiritual manager, researcher and performer of ancestral music. He began his spiritual practice with the world of plants through a revelation, starting this project guided by his altruistic principles. Currently he continues his shamanic training with the sacred diets, is a practitioner of Andean spirituality, and maintains the Inca spiritual path called Qhapaq ñan.

Hanan Joao Perea Fernandez Baca


born: Cusco Native Nation : Quechua

Hanan comes from a long line of traditional healers. He was initiated into the great universal brotherhood with the degree of Guru, Instructor of Internal Martial Arts of Wu-Shu (kung fu) that he received from his father. He is a researcher and performer of ancestral music, and has 10 years of experience with ayahuasca medicine and shamanic training

Rusbel Avilio Ochavano Laulete

traditional shaman

De: Santa Isabel de Bahuanisho – Pucallpa        Nación Nativa : Shipivo Konibo

His Preparation comes from his Ancestors, he began with the sacred diets with his cousin since his youth, having more than 30 years of experience to date. He is characterized by his humility and dedication.

Pilar Rodriguez Silvano

traditional shaman

De: Santa Isabel de Bahuanisho – Pucallpa        Nación Nativa : Shipivo Konibo

At the age of 14, he started taking ayahuasca with the curiosity of knowing beyond the spiritual life; In those years he realized that his life completely changed, see how magical the world is and he had the feeling of singing as his guide who was his uncle, in that he began to diet plants that he continues to do today “Medicine is one of the most privileged things I have, thanks to it I learned the value of the world, to prevail in it my culture”

Herber Marocho Arroyo


De: ———–        Nación Nativa : ——–

Revaluator and cultural manager of ancestral traditions in the district of Ollantaytambo, directed and initiated by master plants more than 5 years ago.

Maestro Roberto

Main shaman

De: ———–        Nación Nativa : ———–

Native etnic cumbasino from the north amazon he is the highest level of shaman we call muraya

Vilma quispe


De: ———–        Nación Nativa : ———–

Many experience working as a nurs in ayahuasca centers